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Chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda

by SASO UGANDA SAFARIS A summary of chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda Uganda provides the greatest opportunities for the various Chimpanzees activities in East African region including Chimpanzee habituation experience. Uganda is home to over 5,000 chimpanzees in protected and unprotected areas. The five main Chimpanzee destinations in their Natural habitats in Uganda are Kibale National.....

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Experiential tourism in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

by SASO UGANDA SAFARIS Experiential Tourism in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda In our previous article, we exclusively explained a tourism package in Uganda called Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi and Chimpanzee Habituation in Kibale National Park. In this article, we shall talk about another tourism package in Uganda called experiential tourism, also known as.....

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Gorilla Twin Birth: Documented cases in Rwanda and Uganda National Parks

by SASO UGANDA SAFARIS Isaro, the mother and her 2 babies Documented Gorilla Twin Birth cases in Rwanda and Uganda National Parks Gorillas typically give birth to only one infant at a time. Gorilla Twin birth is a rare event in mountain gorillas. Even with the birth of twins, the survival for twins are very limited......

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A Backpackers Guide to Ethiopia

by Johnny Ancient temples, wild hyena feedings, the most delicious cuisine in Africa, cheap as chips – now that sounds like a backpackers dream. Welcome to Ethiopia! I spent just shy of a month in Ethiopia and even that didn’t seem to be enough. Every corner of this amazing country offers great sights and experiences.....

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Travel to Ethiopia: First Impressions

Last updated on August 27th, 2016 by Daniel Noll When I was growing up, I remember Ethiopia having a long run on the nightly news. Unfortunately newscasts all pointed to the grim. Newsreel images featured fly-ridden babies with distended bellies, drought-ruined landscapes and a ravaging famine made only worse by civil war. Sounding familiar? Prior.....

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East Africa Two Ways!

Written by Laura Main, Adventure Travel Consultant In December 2013, I spent two weeks in East Africa – visiting Kenya and Tanzania – what an experience! I was able to enjoy a full week in each country with very different travel styles. Week one was on a private safari staying in permanent tented camps, bush.....

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